Waffle iPhone Cases

Waffle iPhone Cases

Today is International Waffle Day! This holiday, which started in Sweden where it is called Våffeldagen (The Waffle Day), is celebrated every March 25th. Apparently, yesterday was National Waffle Day, the anniversary of the first U.S. patent for a waffle iron. To celebrate, simply enjoy a plate of delicious waffles! For those that love waffles throughout the year, check out these Waffle iPhone Cases.

The waffle with butter case is for the iPhone 4. It combines ultimate protection with luxury, by featuring a hard plastic case that is covered by easily grippable fabric. It is compatible with both the Verizon and AT&T models of the iPhone 4.

Apple iPhone 4 Waffle Case

The waffle case for the iPhone 3G/3GS is made out of very similar technology as the iPhone4 case. It also is a Speck Products brand case that has a form-fitting hard plastic shell that is covered with easy grip fabric. This results in superior protection, while still feeling nice in your hand. Plus this allows the vibrantly printed design, such as a delicious waffle, that shows off your individual style.

Apple iPhone 3 Waffle Case

Order the Apple iPhone 4 Waffle Case for $52.20 from Zazzle. Order the Apple iPhone 3 Waffle Case for $44.95 from Zazzle.

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