Toilet Seat Lifter

Toilet Seat Lifter

A lot of companies have come up with products to help neat freaks along, especially in the bathroom. There’s the Poo-Pourri and Trap-a-Crap to help keep the odors at bay, while the Nano UV Wand sanitizes the toilet seat after a quick swipe or two. And for those who absolutely abhor having to lift the toilet seat, there’s the Toilet Seat Lifter.

Generally, the Toilet Seat Lifter is for men, since they’re the ones who actually put the toilet seat up when they have to go. To lift the seat, step on the pedal and do your thing. When you’re done, step off from the pedal and the toilet seat goes back down. A nifty little invention, if you ask me.

Toilet Seat Lifter

Toilet Seat Lifter

Do you fight over ‘Who left the Toilet Seat up?’ Are you tired of that ‘Midnight Splashdown?’ The Toilet SeatLifter will end the battle of the toilet seat. Merely step on the pedal to activate the lifting mechanism. When finished, remove your foot from the pedal and the seat gently comes to a rest where it started.

  • Foot Activated Automatic Toilet Seat Lifter
  • Easily mounted to any standard toilet
  • No more touching the toilet seat with your hands!

The Toilet Seat Lifter is available from Amazon for $24.99.

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  1. Cool, there is a better and simpler thing that is sold online through Midon Industries

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