The Star Trek Cookbook

The Star Trek Cookbook

Star Wars fans got to enjoy some tasty treats with the Wookiee Cookies: The Star Wars Cookbook, so I only thought it fair that we let our Star Trek fans do the same.  The Star Trek Cookbook is based on chef Neelix’s own recipes and dishes that he so proudly served the USS Voyager crew.

Star Trek fans will be happy to know that the recipes in this cookbook aren’t just limited to dishes created on the USS Voyager.  There is an entire list of meals from the USS Enterprise from Kirk’s time as captain, as well as Jean-Luc Picard, Deep Space 9, and several other surprises.  With well over 300 pages, this should provide you with quite a few recipes to try out on your family and see if they prefer Klingon over Bajoran.  Personally, the Leonard Nimoy’s “Kasha Varnishkas a la Vulcan” sounds pretty interesting possibly with a side of Dr. McCoy’s Tennessee Smoked Baked Beans.

Star Trek Cookbook

You can pick up the Star Trek Cookbook at ThinkGeek for $22.99 and at from $13.05.

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