The Hunger Games Commando Watch

The Hunger Games Commando Watch

Know what time it is without letting on that you know what time it is when you strap on the Hunger Games Commando Watch.

It’s always convenient to wear a watch, but sometimes when people spot your watch they think they have license to ask you what time it is. When you wear the Hunger Games watch, your watch goes under cover with the polyester convertible cover strap that bears the emblem of the Mockingjay. Instead, it just looks like a fashionable wristband or bracelet that belongs to a fan of the popular books and forthcoming movie.

The Hunger Games Commando Watch

  • From Lionsgate Film
  • Based on the Best Seller Book
  • The highly anticipated movie!
  • Great gift for the Holiday
  • High Quality form NECA

You’ve also got the option to proudly wear the watch like a normal watch. The brushed metallic silver watch face that also bears the beautiful mockingjay logo looks sharp against the black wristband. With only the twelfth hour printed at the top, you’re able to see the details of the mockingjay in an enigmatic shade of grey.

You can buy the Hunger Games Commando Watch as a nice gift for yourself or a fan you know for $19.50 at Hot Topic or pre-order it from Amazon for $19.99.

Also, girls will love the Hunger Games Logo Hoop Earrings to match.

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  1. eek! i love this site i want everything! and also now i know what im gonna spend all my money on…

    • ikr i want like all the hunger games stuff on here but right now im broke! (cuz i just bought the lunch kit and went on a mojor shopping trip!)

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