StormFly – A Bootable Operating System in a Wristband

If you don’t like dragging your laptop around, because of the weight or just because it’s too big, then StormFly offers you a stylish alternative. StormFly is supposed to have a bootable OS built-into this wristband, so that users can have an entire OS without disturbing the settings of others.

StormFly is intended for travelers, schools, and people concerned about security. It’s a storage device with an Open Source OS, like Linux, that’s bootable in PCs and Macs. Once a computer is rebooted with this USB inserted, it will boot from it, allowing people to use their familiar settings without changing the ones of the host computer. You can take your programs and files anywhere you go. StormFly also comes with a Backup Service, so that if you lose it, you can get a new one with all of your data within 24 hours.


StormFly: Like a PC on your wrist
Now Computing started as an alternative to cloud computing. Despite all the hype on cloud, there are over 300 million PC’s shipping every year, which means there is still a heck of a lot of local computing happening in the world. Cloud can be cumbersome, slow, sometimes ugly, and not always available. We started out designing business devices for companies to move Operating Systems from PC to PC locally and securely.

StormFly was launched as a Kickstarter project, and you’ll have to pledge $59 to get your own. The project has amassed $37,000 out of a goal of $100,000 with 19 days of funding left.

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4 Responses to “StormFly – A Bootable Operating System in a Wristband”

  1. It’s just freakin’ Ubuntu on a wristband. Go spend $20 on a 4Gb wristband, install Ubuntu, save $39 and profit.

  2. How the h*ll. Does the backup works? Would require instant synk/ cloud thru the hostmachine to Internet

  3. Anyone can make these!

  4. Actually, this has much more functionality than a live USB key does, including but not limited to the backup feature, the ability to use it to access a public folder from the regular OS instead of booting into Ubuntu, and more support for hardware to make it easier for the general public to use it. It’s actually a great way to make an easy Linux system available to more people.

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