Star Wars Zelda Mashup T-Shirt

Star Wars Zelda Mashup T-Shirt

GeekAlerts has shown you tons of cool designs from RedBubble over the past months and we figured this Star Wars Zelda Mashup T-Shirt would be a fun way to kill time as we eagerly await the release of the Nintendo Wii U. Titled ForcePalm by J PH at RedBubble, this t-shirt puts a funny twist on Luke Skywalker trying to teach Link the power of the Force.

You can choose between several different t-shirt styles, a hoodie and even choose to put the graphic on the front or back. We all love Star Wars and what better way to wait for the new Legend of Zelda Wii U game than with a classic mashup.

Star Wars & The Legend of Zelda Mashup T-Shirt

You can purchase the Star Wars Zelda Mashup T-Shirt in a variety of sizes at from roughly $25.

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  1. I would wear this shirt until the seams gave out, cut the picture out and sew it to a new shirt. That is how much I love this shirt. :3

  2. Lol that’s awesome.

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