Civil Engineer Tape

Civil Engineer Tape

Civil engineers solve all kinds of problems when it comes to roadways, bridges, buildings, etc. But when a civil engineer’s kid gets bored, blueprints and equations don’t do much. That’s why there’s Civil Engineer Tape; for a magical way to create an instant highway of fun.

It doesn’t take much to jumpstart the imagination of a kid. When you lay out streets and intersections for them, they know exactly what to do next. Many kids don’t even need to visualize a roadway, but it does help to nudge fantasy a little closer to reality. The tape features a crosswalk print, so that pedestrians such as LEGO minifigures can be part of the action.

Civil Engineer Play Tape

Lay a street down on your carpet. Turn a box into a village. 25 meters of 2″ wide road tape.

For the kid who loves anything having to do with transportation, civil engineer tape could be used to decorate his/her room with endless roadways. The tape is also handy for birthday party decor and is fairly inexpensive for the length you get.

A 25-meter roll of Civil Engineer Tape is available through Amazon for $7.95.

Mini Crime Scene Tape could also be handy for injecting a little roadside drama.

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