Star Wars Rubber Ducks

Star Wars Rubber Ducks

If you still take baths instead of showers, these Star Wars Rubber Ducks are just what you need to keep you company during a long soak. While they won’t play music for you like the Rubber Duck Wireless Speaker, they do have LED light effects for setting the mood in your bathtub. You can also use them as pool toys.

Luke Pondwalker and Princess Layer

The Pondtrooper is a rubber duck version of a storm trooper, and Duck Fadar is what it would look like if Darth Vader was a bath duckie. Likewise, Luke Pondwalker and Princess Layer are the rubber duckie equivalents of Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia.

These Star Wars styled rubber ducks come in cool gift boxes, so they would make great presents or stocking stuffers.

Duck Fadar and Pondtrooper

Each duck measures approximately 8.5cm x 8cm x 10cm (3.3″ x 3.1″ x 3.9″) in size. Battery life is approximately 45 hours (or around 180 baths).

Order Duck Fadar, Pondtrooper, Luke Pondwalker, and Princess Layer for £6.99 each at

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  1. I really wish they had a yoda rubber duck….

  2. Where can I buy a vadar rubber duck. I can’t find it anywhere

  3. The ‘Quack’ is strong with this one.

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