Star Trek Nutcrackers

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Spock and Kirk Star Trek Nutcrackers

Here’s a fun and geeky complement to the Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener we covered a few months ago; a pair of nutcrackers shaped like Spock and Kirk.

Choose from classic Spock or Kirk character nutcrackers, each wonderfully crafted from wood; hand painted and embellished with authentic details.

The Spock and Kirk Star Trek Nutcrackers are 12 inches tall and you can get them from the What on Earth website for $34.95 a pop.

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  1. Live long and prosper (unless you’re a chestnut).

  2. LoL. It’s fun, especially mr.Data. Nice fine, Robert!

  3. Thanks a lot for stopping by, friends!

  4. these stuff r cool but they look retarded at the same time

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