Stainless Steel Playing Cards

Stainless Steel Playing Cards

A standard deck of 52 normal playing cards is all you need for a good game of poker, but if you want a more flashy, and some might say manlier deck of playing cards, then check out these Stainless Steel Playing Cards.

They are made from high-grade stainless steel. Think of them as luxury playing cards. Your fellow poker players will be very impressed. Each card is etched with a contemporary design based on the classic English style and they come in a black needle cord box for storage, making them a great gift.

Stainless Steel Cards

Stainless Steel Playing Cards

  • Although tempting, these cards should not be used as ninja stars or to impersonate Gambit from Uncanny X-Men. Mainly because it’s really annoying when you’re missing a couple of cards from a full deck. Also, they’re not charged by purple kinetic mutant powers and as such the results will be disappointing
  • 54 stainless steel playing cards
  • Standard size
  • Measures approximately 5.6cm(W) x 8.7cm(H)
  • Pack Weight: 624g

They will cost you $138.19 from Firebox. They just might be the neatest cards ever. They look beautiful.

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  1. These are the most beautiful playing cards I have ever seen, and I collect playing cards, so I’ve seen many

  2. They look great. I wonder how loud it is to shuffle them though.

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