Solar-Powered iPhone Case

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Solar-Powered iPhone Case

This leather case fits both the 2G and the 3G model of the iPhone and it is using the environmentally friendly solar power technology to provide your cell phone with some extra juice when the standard battery is running flat.

Solar-Powered iPhone Case

  • Lithiumion polymer Battery capacity: 3.7V 1500mAh
  • Output voltage: 5V (max)
  • output current: 600ma (max) + solar battery 100 (max)
  • Charge voltage: solar battery 6V USB/DC 5V
  • Charge current: 100ma (max) + 500ma (max)
  • Charging ime: less than 3hours
  • Peak power supplied by photocell: 0.61W
  • Size: 125mm x 64mm x 25mm
  • Weight: 100g

Solar-Powered iPhone Case

The Solar Powered Charge Leather Case for iPhone 2G/3G is available in two versions, flip top and side open, for $48 over at the Brando online shop.

(Via Geeky Gadgets)

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17 Responses to “Solar-Powered iPhone Case”

  1. Total Solar Energy Reply November 3, 2008 at 4:55 pm

    how about a solar powered phone. a panel on the back would do the trick surely

  2. That would be awesome, I think and hope that we’ll see solar-powered cell phones one day.

    Thank you all for stopping by!

  3. ringbacks for verizon Reply November 11, 2008 at 3:19 pm

    This is awesome. I just love when designers finally integrate really useful features in the standard stuff we’ve been using all along.

  4. I got one of those from Solar Arcadia and is totally dead after the first charge. I’m trying to contact them with no success.
    If you google it you will find other comments about the same issue.

    Don’t waste your money!

  5. Sorry to hear that. Thanks for the headsup, nsilvio!

  6. Cell Phone Registry Reply January 3, 2009 at 4:14 pm

    This iPhone solar charging case is great. It seems many companies are starting to implement more solar technology into everyday objects. I’ve even seen solar powered backpacks that will charge your iPhone or iPod and I even saw solar rechargable batteries on

  7. By the day many more gadget products suppor eco friendly. Like this iPhone case i hope in the future all iPhone products has eco friendly…

  8. neat invention, although i dont know too many people that wear their phones on their belt anymore.

  9. Mobile Phone Reviews Reply March 27, 2009 at 2:55 am

    this is nice, this wouls come in handy specially when your travelling.

  10. that’s cool. You could actually hook up a phone to battery and carry it with you. That so cool. And it could be hooked up to any device.

  11. Too bad the solar panel on it is so tiny, it would take hours and hours to fully recharge if you left it in direct sunlight. The .61W output power they advertise is assuming the solar panel is directly facing the sun and IN OUTER SPACE! The actual power output anywhere here on earth is going to be much less, more like .25W. This tiny solar panel would provide a small trickle charge, nothing else. It’s more of a fashion accessory for “green” people than an actually useful device.

  12. This will surely be a big hit with the eco-geeks – is it actually worth the effort though?

  13. sounded like a good idea but not going to spend that money for a “green” fashion accessory. i’m sticking with my new backflip iphone case. it has a useful kickstand and is a protective soft case. it’s just under $30.

  14. Novothink Surge is much more interesting solution.

  15. “I discovered a new eco-friendly i-phone case made by 100% recycled and recyclable high grade plastic: “”Ecoskin””. This product, manufactured in UK, is also antibacterial because the recycled plastic is impregnated with silver ions to reduce bacteria levels. Plus, the packaging is recycled. The company also produces recycled material pouches for phones.

  16. The Brando web site says the solar powered I phone case is no longer available.
    How do I purchase one?

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