Silverlit R/C Ducati Motorcycle

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Silverlit  R/C Ducati Motorcycle

Silverlit, the company known for their airborne radio-controlled toys, now has a new product for those who prefer staying on the ground; a 1:12 scale Ducati motorcycle.

Its main feature is the fact the biker actually leans from side to side which is made possible by a built in gyro. It has spring suspensions in case you want to try a few jumps and digital proportion steering giving you great control.

You also have the ability to adjust the throttle response (this means you can have either the bike accelerating quickly, gently or in between) and braking strength.

Here’s a video of the bike in action (unfortunately, without sound):


  • 1:12 scale licensed vehicle
  • Digital Proportional control
  • 27MHz FM modulation radio control
  • Steering trim system
  • Brake endpoint adjustment
  • Throttle rate selector
  • Battery low detection
  • Support PPM coding method
  • Available in two frequencies

The Silverlit R/C Ducati motorcycle will start shipping at the end of September 2008 and can now be pre-ordered from the Red5 website for £50 (about $96 USD).

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9 Responses to “Silverlit R/C Ducati Motorcycle”

  1. That thing looks like a blast!

  2. These little RC bikes are great but I wouldn’t recommend one to anyone living in London – there’s just nowhere to use them on a daily basis and they get crushed by other moving vehicles quite easily. :((

  3. motorcycle parts Reply April 9, 2009 at 1:04 pm

    I think it’s a great and cool rc..

  4. Motor Sport Modification Reply January 24, 2011 at 7:35 am

    Can I buy one for my son?

  5. super bike,,,,,,,,,,,,,i love ducati

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