Silverlit R/C Ducati Motorcycle

Silverlit, the company known for their airborne radio-controlled toys, now has a new product for those who prefer staying on the ground; a 1:12 scale Ducati motorcycle. Its main feature is the fact the biker actually leans from side to side which is made possible […]

Silverlit RC Stingray

Silverlit R/C Stingray

The Silverlit toy manufacture is continuing to release fun and weird radio-controlled toys at an amazing pace. Recently we have seen the Aeronaut, the iBird and the iFairy – and now, a stingray. The flying features are similar to most flying indoor RC machines which […]

Silverlit iFairy

Silverlit iFairy – R/C Fairy

Silverlit, the company that brought us the Picoo Z choppers and the iBird, has now come up with something as odd as a radio-controlled wing flapping fairy. A perfect gift for girls who love fairies, the i-Fairy is available in pretty pink, a delicate blue […]

Silverlit V-Beat AirDrums

V-Beat AirDrums

The Silverlit company has come up with a clever solution for anyone who wants to lay down some rhythms, but has no room for a drum kit. With different sound styles and pre-programmed rhythms as well as an instructive guided learning feature, these slick sticks […]