Shredsors Shredding Scissors

Shredsors - Shredding Scissors

Some people might not have been very impressed with the Giant Scissors, since they were more of a novelty item rather than something you could actually use to cut up stuff.  If you’re not into pulling pranks and prefer things that were of the more practical kind, then you’ll probably like the Shredsors Shredding Scissors.

Shredsors Shredding Hand Scissors

If you don’t have a shredder or the electricity is out and you have to urgently shred some stuff up that’s where the Shredsors come in very handy. Just arrange your papers and start cutting. The multiple blades will see that all the information is shredded and gone in much of the same fashion as a more expensive electrical shredders.

Shredsors Shredding Scissors

Make sure your private data and sensitive information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands with Shredsors! Nine precision metal blades and an easy grip plastic handle make these 7-1/2″ (19.1 cm) long scissors a super efficient document destruction device.

Perfect for shredding junk mail, bank statements, top secret memos, old credit cards and pictures of your ex. Clamshell blister with illustrated card.

The Shredsors Shredding Scissors are available from from $19.95.

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