Shewee Extreme

Shewee Extreme

I’ve said it time and time again that it’s unfair how guys can just pee wherever they want to and girls can’t do the same (for obvious reasons). It’s not that I want the female race to be able to relieve themselves wherever they wanted to; rather it’s only for those extreme cases where it’s literally torture to have to hold it in while you’re driving around trying to find a gas station with a working toilet or something. I mean, guys can just stop by the side of road, do their thing, or even just find some cup or bottle and get it over with. But no, not us women–that is, until the Shewee Extreme.

The Shewee Extreme is a molded device that allow women to pee without having to take anything off, either while standing up or sitting down. Yes, it looks a tad uncomfortable and some might worry about how hygienic the thing is to use, but you can’t be choosy when you’re out in the middle of nowhere with a full bladder now, right?

Shewee Extreme

Shewee Extreme

Uncomfortable squatting, sitting on unhygienic toilets and embarrassing bare bottoms are officially a thing of the past! Loved by women from all walks of life from polar explorers such as Ann Daniels to celebrities such as Fearne Cotton to those who are disabled; Shewee has revolutionized life for women everywhere.

Shewee, the portable wee device, is a molded, water repellent plastic funnel that allows women to wee whilst standing or sitting and without removing clothes! It’s ideal for outdoor pursuits and long car journeys or for traveling abroad. The Shewee Extreme, mainly targeted at skiers and climbers, is a Shewee with an Extension Pipe that comes neatly packaged in its own case and is available in Pink or Nato Green.

The Shewee Extreme is available from Red5 for £11.95 ($20.)

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