Sheep Stool

Sheep Stool - Large

The gorgeous line of Sheep Stools are designed by designer Hanns-Peter Krafft for the German manufacturer Meier.

Real sheep-skin over a body of jute skin filled with wood shavings (hardened with glue), with head and legs in solid wood. Ears are made of leather.

The Sheep Stool is available in three different models:

  • Small, looking up ($575)
  • Medium, white, grazing ($990)
  • Large [featured above] ($1,200)

(Via ThisNext)

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  1. Damn These are awesome but a bit pricey.

  2. May i use this picture to my homework? 🙂
    I’m student of multimedia design in K-SAD.
    K-sad is college which rocated in korea.
    I’m in graduation class.
    So I make a work of graduation.

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