Salt & Pants Shakers

Salt & Pants Shakers

You probably figured it out by now; we use a lot of salt & pepper at GeekAlerts.  We’ve shown you so many varieties of shakers, I think I’ve lost track of them all…Alien, Grenades, Avocado, D Battery, just to name a few.  The Salt & Pants Shakers add a modern and clean looking set of shakers to your collection.  Keep these on your table all the time and save the themed ones for special occasions…Just remember if you want the hot stuff, you need to take this little guys pants off.

Salt & Pants Salt & Pepper Shakers

Salt & Pants Shakers
everything you need for a well-dressed table

This spicy little guy dispenses salt from the top of his head and he’s got something special in his trousers…pepper! Salt & Pants is finished with a fine matte glaze that passes California’s ultra-strict standards for heavy metals and lead. It’s supplied with two durable silicone stoppers and packed in a colorful protective giftbox.

You can pick up this neat Fred & Friends Salt & Pants Shaker at from $7.99.

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  1. This is the best salt & pepper shaker combo ever! Anything that makes my baby smile/laugh is a HUGE win! 🙂

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