Alien Salt & Pepper Shakers

Alien Salt & Pepper Shakers

The other day we told you about the Rubik’s Cube Salt and Pepper Mills and today we have a neat and geeky set of space themed condiment dispensers for you. These Alien Salt & Pepper Shakers are cute. They are made to look like an Astronaut in his spacesuit and an alien who is shaped like a Pac-Man ghost.

Like many adventures involving an Astronaut and an alien blob-thing, this one ends the same way, with the alien on his head sucking out his brains. It’s a cautionary tale for your dinner table.

They each have a magnet so that they stick together and won’t get lost. Though I’m sure the Astronaut wouldn’t mind if the alien were misplaced. Only $17.49 from Perpetualkid or $14.95 at

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