Pack-Away Kettle

Pack-Away Kettle

I helped my nephew pack for his first ever camping trip with his scouting buddies, and boy was it an exhausting chore. His mother wanted to let him bring this and that and so on, that by the time we were done, we had three huge bags and backpacks packed in front of us. However, one thing that could definitely lessen the bulk is the Pack-Away Kettle.

Although it’s just one item from a long list of camping packables, the Pack-Away Kettle will allow you to save some much-needed space in your backpack for something else. Just flatten it up to carry it around or when you’re done using it, and just pull the whole kettle back into form when you need to fill it up with some warm drinks.

Pack-Away KettlePack-Away Camping Kettle

Not only does it make the water taste like pennies, it’s also bound to go everywhere when you pour it into your cup. So the next time you go camping – whether it’s halfway up a mountain or just across from the festival toilets – be sure to take the Pack-Away Kettle.

This incredible piece of kit is not only sturdy enough to boil and serve up to 1.1 liters (almost 2 pints) of water at a time, but it’ll also pack flatter than a typical army mess tin. Just sit it over your gas, electric or induction stove and the sturdy stainless steel base will heat the water inside.

The Pack-Away Kettle is available from Firebox for $48.

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