Oliver Peppermint Stick Appetizer Plate

Oliver Peppermint Stick Appetizer Plate

There’s always that kid who can’t resist licking a metal pole in the dead of winter. While the aftermath is no fun for the little squirt, everyone else gets a good laugh out of it. “A Christmas Story” did an amazing job of representing that classic situation and the power of the double dog dare. When serving up your delicious treats over the holidays put them on the Oliver Peppermint Stick Appetizer Plate, where Oliver is seen in hopeless agony as his tongue is bound to a peppermint stick.

Oliver Peppermint Stick Appetizer Plate

Doodle dudes. Crazy little party guys will do anything for attention. Mixed media black hand sketch w/color photo on slim white porcelain rectangle.

  • Glazed white porcelain
  • Decal pattern
  • Dishwasher- and microwave-safe
  • Dimensions: 6.5″Wx5″Dx.5″H

Oliver Appetizer Plate

There’s also a more cheerful plate that shows Oliver sledding down an imaginary hill on his biscotti sled, leaving a trail of cookie crumbs behind him. Weee! Plus, you won’t be able to resist these funny Oliver Martini Glasses to matchy match.

Both the Oliver Peppermint Stick and Biscotti Appetizer plates won’t break the bank at $2.95 each via CB2.

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