New WowWee Robot: Wrex The Dawg (Video)

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Wrex The Dawg

Here’s a brand new video of WowWee’s upcoming Wrex The Dawg robot.

The guys over at RobotsRule has just uploaded this video review that covers the important features and capabilities of WowWee’s hilarious cartoon character come to life, Wrex The Dawg.

In the video you’ll learn about Wrex’s custom behavior modes like how to turn him into a cat or make him sound like the original Robosapien, how he well he gets around on carpet, what kind of tricks he does, and how funny a rude robot dog can be. Watch and enjoy:

Here’s also a review, containing secret tips and tricks for getting the most out of Wrex The Dawg that are not covered in the video, along with a breakdown of Wrex’s features and what it’s like to play with him.

Thanks to Robert Oschler at!

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  1. … another cool robot … A great looking remote!

  2. Mmm…so many cool robots, so little time. 🙂

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