New Pac-Man & Space Invaders Items at Etsy


Everybody Pixel Party is the name of a new Etsy shop run by Chicago based artist Shawn. Right now there are three items in the shop:

And there’s a special treat to the first customer:

I’m just getting started, but there’s more to come, so check back soon. As a special bonus, I will give a free gift to my first customer, so order away!

Space Invaders - Felt Mobile

That mobile sure would make a nice addition in the Space Invaders Car.

(roadside scholar tips via technabob)

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4 Responses to “New Pac-Man & Space Invaders Items at Etsy”

  1. No problem, great stuff you have there.
    Sorry about that, I’ve uppdated the entry.
    Happy to hear, looking forward to it.

  2. hey – thanks for the link

    a small correction – and I suppose I should update my titles to be more consistent, but the second item is actually titled “pac-man love” not just love… more stuff coming soon. excitebike, duck hunt, and more.

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