Nesquik Chocolate Fountain

Nesquik Chocolate Fondue Fountain

What would we do without Nesquik chocolate syrup? It’s too painful to imagine. For one thing, there’d probably be no such thing as the Nesquik Chocolate Fountain.

No need to reinvent the chocolate fountain. Just slap the Nesquik logo on it and let the fun begin. Nesquik syrup has a great, pourable consistency and is edible right out of the bottle. (I’ve also heard that it’s the key ingredient for making good fake blood.) So it’s no surprise that Nesquik would work effectively well in a recipe for melted chocolate fondue.

Nesquik Chocolate Fountain

Thought 3-tiered fountains were just for the rich and famous? Think again. Get a taste of the sweet life with this miniature chocolate fondue fountain from Nesquik. The included recipe booklet contains delicious recipes for making fondue with your favorite Nesquik mix. Break out the strawberries, marshmallows, pretzels, or cake and get your chocolate fix in the most luxurious way possible. Motor and heat switches. 9″ x 6″

  • Chocolate flows from fountain to dip your desserts
  • Recipe booklet included
  • Fun for all ages
  • Great for parties
  • Goes with a variety of foods for the ultimate desert

Chocolate fountains are the best prop for parties. They bring people together for conversation and create an easy, hands-on activity that everyone can enjoy. And since just about everything goes well with chocolate, you will have fun coming up with new food ideas to serve next to the fountain, like bunnies! *kidding*

The Nesquik Chocolate Fountain by Small Planet is very affordable at $30 and under at and

We also featured a Caramel Apple Maker which would also be a hit with the crowd.

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  1. My nesquikfonduefountain did not come with the recipe booklet and instructions. How do I go about getting them?

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