Mozart Black Chocolate Liquor

Mozart Black Chocolate Liquor

People who want to enjoy their juice drinks with an alcoholic punch can brew their own hooch with the DIY Hooch Kit. However, if you prefer to enjoy your cocktails with a hint of chocolatey goodness, then you might opt to try the Mozart Black Chocolate Liquor instead.

The Mozart Black Chocolate Liquor injects a whole lot of chocolate and just a hint of vanilla to come up with an alcoholic beverage that’s definitely in a league of its own. Keep the bottle well outside the reach of kids and minors who have a penchant for chocolate, though, because with 17% abv. alcohol content, this drink packs a strong punch.

Mozart Black Chocolate Liquor

Mozart Black Chocolate Liquor

Think of drinking chocolate and you probably think of steaming bedtime beverages sipped on wintry evenings. But all that’s about to change because Mozart Black Chocolate Liquor has arrived to slap the face of convention with it’s smooth chocolately deliciousness.

Created with the choccy connoisseur in mind, this Mozart Black, is an extremely smooth 17% abv. concoction that’s perfect straight up or on the rocks. With notes of dark chocolate, vanilla and caramel it’s bittersweet with a long-lasting finish. More than that, it’s absolutely delicious.

The Mozart Black Chocolate Liquor is available from Firebox for £19.99.

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