Mirror Universe LED Digital Watch

Mirror  LED Universe Digital Watch

Everything’s going digital these days, and that includes your wristwatch. The Mirror Universe LED Digital Watch is a futuristic and high-tech looking timepiece that displays the time and looks good while doing so.

But it’s more than just a watch. When it’s on standby mode, the Mirror Universe LED Digital Watch looks just like any old silver bracelet on your wrist. You can also use it to remind yourself to do stuff, too, it being digital and having a LED screen and all. Simply save your message and watch it scroll across the screen after the time is displayed.

Mirror Universe LED Digital Watch

Mirror Universe LED Digital Watch

The Mirror Universe LED Digital Watch appears at first glance to be a shiny, chunky metallic bracelet. But press the button and the 93 bright red LEDs will jump into motion, first displaying the time and then scrolling through a short message of your choice. It can be an affirmation: “U R GREAT,” a warning: “NOKILLBOSS,” or a simple reminder for later: “BUY MILK.” Change the message whenever you like.

  • Shiny, chunky, metallic watch hides the time under a featureless chrome front
  • 93 bright red LEDs display the time and your message
  • Press the button to see the time and a 10-character message
  • Shiny chrome-plated face with stainless steel band and clasp
  • Time and date display, automatically shuts off to save batteries
  • 12 or 24 hour display options

The Mirror Universe LED Digital Watch is available from ThinkGeek for $29.99.

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