Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

Although it is sleek and beautiful, the design of the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse is actually very practical. It is flexible, so you can curve the MS Arc Touch Mouse for the perfect fit for you. When it comes time to travel, just flatten it out so it easily fits in your laptop bag or even your pocket. Plus it has touch enabled scrolling so with a flick and a tap you can quickly scroll wherever you want.

With BlueTrack optical sensors, the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse can accurately track on almost any surface such as a rough wood desk, carpet, glossy marble counter, etc. Besides for clear glass or a mirror surface, you can use this mouse just about anywhere.

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

  • Revolutionary lightweight portable wireless mouse
  • Curve the body to switch on, flatten to switch off and transport
  • Tactile scrolling: Flick to scroll, tap to stop, double tap to page up/down
  • BlueTrack technology: Mouse can be used accurately on most surfaces
  • 2.4GHZ wireless USB Nano transceiver
  • No bluetooth required
  • Up to 30 foot wireless range

MS Arc Touch Mouse

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

  • The mouse that fits in your pocket
  • Flexible Design: Curve for comfort, flatten to pack
  • A perfect fit for you
  • Easy Power Saving Function
  • Up to 6-Months Battery Life
  • A revolution in mouse design

The Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse is available for $49.95 at It is also available for £46.99 at

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