Medisana TargetScale

Medisana TargetScale

Extremely weight conscious people often find inaccurate or inconsistent weighing scales annoying. You could weight two pounds lighter today and then suddenly pack on six pounds the next–and if you’re on a diet, then that can be particularly discouraging. So the next time you step on a scale, make sure it’s the Medisana TargetScale, which can help you get to your target weight without all the visual ups and downs.

The Medisana TargetScale is a Bluetooth-capable scale that can also show you (and up to three other users) your body mass index (BMI), body fat and water, plus muscle and bone mass aside from your weight. It also works in conjunction with the VitaDock app, which helps dieters keep track of their weight changes and goals, especially if they’re on the go.


The glow rings show where you are in terms of your goal (Inner ring = almost there!)

Medisana TargetScale

  • A fast, quick and easy way to target your weight
  • Flashing circles visualise the current difference from the target weight
  • Connects via bluetooth
  • Precise determination of weight, body mass index (BMI), body fat and water as well as muscle and bone mass
  • Balance test detects and shows the distribution of body weight on each foot

The Medisana TargetScale is available from Firebox for £129.99 ($207).

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