Creative bOne Chair

Bone Chair

If you’re into DIY stuff but don’t really have the time to build or forge a table from scratch, then do it in a semi-DIY way with the Creative bOne Chair. There are only two problems though: 1) It’s not for sale and is an exclusive design by the firm that made it; and 2) To make your own from scratch would be incredibly hard (although not impossible.)

So basically, the Creative bOne Chair is made from a sturdy frame with a lot of holes. And in these holes, you’re supposed to squeeze through cylindrical upholstery so you won’t be sore all over from sitting on it.

Bone Chair

The Creative bOne Chair is a design by JDF Raum und Kunst. The firm describes it as “a chair with a playful air for people with a sense of humor. Its support structure mimics our bone structure, its upholstery our skin cells, and just like these cells the seat, too, conforms – like the rhytm of inhaling and exhaling – to the individual’s unique ergonomics.”

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