Masochist Mug

Masochist mug

Basically, masochists feel some sort of gratification from their own pain or degradation. I don’t think people are born as masochists; I think that as they go through life, they experience some things that eventually turn them into the person they are today. In any case, you don’t actually have to enjoy pain to get a kick out of the Masochist Mug — it is visually striking with a brutish vibe that is sure to demand attention from anyone that sees it on your desk.

Those nails that you see on the mug are actually real, so clearly this mug isn’t meant to be used for drinking your morning cup of joe unless you really are a masochist. Rather than drinking from it, it is much better suited for use as a scary-looking holder for your pens, pencils, and all your other random office stuff.

You don’t have to be into masochism to want this mug, but it’s OK if you want to make some of your cow-orkers (à la Dilbert / Scott Adams) to believe you may be ruthless and barbaric. It’s available from My Expresso’s shop on Etsy for $35.

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  1. You mean “sadistic.” Masochism is finding pleasure in one’s own pain; sadism is finding pleasure in the pain of others. Sorry.

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