Lunch Bugs Sandwich Bags

Lunch Bugs Sandwich Bags

If you are looking for the neat sandwich bag to gross-out the other students or keep your coworkers from stealing a bite of your food when they’re in the kitchen, then the Lunch Bugs Sandwich Bag is perfect.  These sandwich bags perform like everyday zip-lock plastic bags, but they have a nice little insect surprise on them.  Each bag is imprinted with an insect that is sure to keep most people away from your food when you’re not looking; except of course the person that is hoping to eat both your food and the bug.

Bug Print Ziplock Bags

Fred & Friends Lunch Bugs

  • Reusable 24 bags in a box
  • Zip to lock storage bags

You can purchase the Lunch Bugs Sandwich Bags at PerpetualKid for $5.99 and at from $4.  These luch bags would go nice in any of of the cool lunch boxes: Darth Vader, Sandwich Box or Green Lantern.

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  1. This is $6 at Amazon! 🙁

  2. bonnie cooper

  3. I would like a box of 24 with the roaches on them

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