Lucky Rainbow Projector

Lucky Rainbow Projector

Project your own rainbow across your bedroom walls with the Uncle Milton Rainbow In My Room Lucky Rainbow Projector. Also makes a great party light for Saint Patrick’s Day parties and all year round. Leprechaun not included. Pot of gold sold separately.

Uncle Milton Rainbow In My Room

Uncle Milton Rainbow In My Room

  • Amazing rainbor projector
  • Projects rainbow across the walls and ceiling
  • Turns on with a wave of your hand!
  • Uses Multi-colord LEDs
  • Includes bonus window prism disk for real daytime rainbows
  • Jack for optional AC adapter

Bedroom Rainbow Projector

Buy the Uncle Milton Rainbow In My Room for $22.94 at Purchase two to make an incredibly rare and wondrous “Double Rainbow.” However, legend has it that projecting a full double rainbow will make Hungrybear9562 cry and leave you asking, “What does it mean?”

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  1. now this is rather arouse my shopping desire

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