The Force Glove

Star Wars Force Glove

The Force will be with you, always… or at least as long as you wear the Star Wars Force Glove, which teaches as well as entertains. There are some lessons in school that just don’t hold anyone’s attention for long, and magnetism is one of […]

Lucky Rainbow Projector

Lucky Rainbow Projector

Project your own rainbow across your bedroom walls with the Uncle Milton Rainbow In My Room Lucky Rainbow Projector. Also makes a great party light for Saint Patrick’s Day parties and all year round. Leprechaun not included. Pot of gold sold separately.

RC Tarantula

Remote Control Tarantula

There aren’t many things you could run into at night that are scarier than a big hairy tarantula. At least that is what you’ll hope as you’re hunting victims with this Remote Control Tarantula. Record the encounter with a Flip UltraHD or other compact video […]