Live Fast Die Red Shirt

Live Fast Die Red Shirt

Ya know what I used to love about the classic Star Trek series? It was always easy to tell who NOT to get attached to. Kirk wears gold so he’s alright (Shatner’s acting aside), Spock and Bones wear blue so no problems there, but who is the guy (not Scottie) wearing red? Doesn’t matter because he’s going to die within the next five minutes. Armed with that knowledge, are you brave enough to wear the Live Fast Die Red Shirt?

Impress your friends and intimidate your enemies when you join the landing party step out of the house wearing this icon of impending doom. It takes a special person to wear this color for more than ten minutes, and you will forever be honored within the sacred Trek halls of bravery for accomplishing such a feat. Of course, the honor will elude you if your name happens to be Scottie because the curse never seemed to affect him. I think it was the massive amounts of Romulan Ale he consumed. He was simply too inebriated to die.

Laugh in the face of the Grim Reaper with the Live Fast Die Red Shirt for $14.95 (reg. $19.95) from SnorgTees.

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  1. The phaser is wrong!
    This is a TNG phaser with a TOS Red shirt! 😛

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