Limited Edition Zombie Kettlebells

Zombie Bells

You want to be in shape when the zombie apocalypse wipes most of your friends and loved ones out so use the Limited Edition Zombie Kettlebells to keep yourself properly motivated, because nothing motivates like a piece of iron in the shape of a dead guy’s head.

These zombie-shaped kettlebells, perfectly balanced and made from chip-resistant iron, have enlarged handles for enhanced grip strength and are hand-sculpted from real human skull dimensions, coming in four unique shapes and weights:

  • Mega Dead (72lbs)
  • Ghostface Thrilla (54lbs)
  • Staple Head (36lbs)
  • Brain Goblin (18lbs)

Limited Edition Zombie Bells Detail

As an extra bonus, to make sure you stay in top-notch zombie-killing form, Zombie Kettlebell Wristguards are included for FREE when you buy either the 54lb or 72lb Zombie Bells.

Limited Edition Zombie Bells are available separately for $42 to $169 or you can get the whole set for $406.41 at

(via Cool Material)

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  1. This site is umazing!
    Not only wonderfull kettebels, but also nice shirts!

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