LEGO-Style MP3 Player

LEGO-Style MP3 Player

This playful little LEGO-style MP3 player is offered in five different colors and supports microSD flash memory cards up to 2GB in size.

To transfer files (supported file formats: MP3 and WMA) and to charge the player, simply connect the brick to your computer’s USB port using the provided cable. A full charge gives you 6-10 hours of playback.

LEGO-Style MP3 Player

The Brick MP3 Player ($48.99) measures 29 x 17 x 58 mm and is available in yellow, white, blue, red or green from the website.

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  1. ..[via]…

  2. Since when are links comments?

    You should fix that.

  3. HAHA kewl!

    What size is it?

  4. That thing is SO cool!

  5. @ Strider: I think it’s just a comment posted to look like a link, due to the lack of a pingback feature on that site.

    Thank for your comments folks!

  6. I stand corrected.

    I like the site!

  7. COOL!
    we all want one!

  8. Do you know where can I buy it?
    I’m from Barcelona (Spain); could you give me any website or something like that?

    Thank you very much!


  9. You can buy the LEGO-style MP3 player via the link included in the article above.

  10. cool i want one of those lol

  11. im from singapore. do you know where i could purchase it?
    also, what’s thediffreence between this and an iblock?

  12. what is the mp3 gb size

  13. how to know if it is fully charged ?

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