Killer Ring

Killer Ring

Some people have looks that can kill. Others take it upon themselves to dress to kill. And then there are those that simply accessorize to get that amazing and almost literal killer look by slipping on the Killer Ring into one of their digits.

From a distance, the Killer Ring looks just like any other ring on any other woman’s finger. But take a closer look and you’ll notice that the huge rock in the middle has been set backwards with the sharp tip up and the flat edge below. Be careful when you’ve got this ring on your finger because you might inadvertently poke someone in the eye when they bend over to take a closer look at it.

Killer Ring

Designer: Tobias Wong & Philipp Mohr

Sterling silver, 14KT and 18 Kt gold and platinum, Tiffany’s style setting, 3 pt artificial diamond on the inside and makers stamps: 925/14KT/18KT/PT WMC (Wong Mohr Collaboration)
The rings are hand made in Brooklyn, NY with solid high-grade materials.

The Killer Ring is available from Gnr8 for $109.

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  1. Mohr was a manufacturer, not a collaborator. He does not have permission from the estate to producing and or sell these rings as stated on gnr8. Lastly, tobias would never ise cz. Disgraceful action towards the deceased. Please redact.

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