Joseph Joseph Nest Utensils

Joseph Joseph Nest Utensils, Compact Kitchen Tool Set

In my opinion, the happiest part of a home is the kitchen. To reflect all the fun that goes on in the heart of the home, we’re seeing lots of color being injected into kitchen design lately. Also, you’re seeing kitchens that are extremely organized. It only makes sense that kitchen utensils and appliances should follow suit. Earlier, we showed you the Bloom Utensil Set that brings style and cheer to any countertop, and now we present these colorful, compact Joseph Joseph Nest Utensils.

The five utensils that come in the set include the prime tools you need for basic cooking. When they’re all stacked together, you won’t need to dig in that cluttered drawer like usual and end up burning things in the process. Since the nesting utensils are stacked together by means of a magnet, they hardly take up any counter space next to the stove.

Compact Kitchen Tool Set

Joseph Joseph Nest Utensils

  • Brightly colored utensils: Slotted Spatula, Spaghetti Server, Slotted Spoon, Solid Spoon, Ladle
  • Tools are held by small magnets in the handles
  • Heat resistant up to 240°C/464F
  • Material: toughened nylon
  • All tools are dishwasher safe

The set of Joseph Joseph Nest Utensils are available at for £28.95 and at now for $24.99.

If you’re after a colorful set of knives, also be sure to check out this fantastic Colored Kitchen Knife Block.

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