iPod Shuffle Watch Style

iPod Shuffle Watch Style

Here’s one of those “why haven’t anyone thought of that before” accessories. Well, it doesn’t really matter – the good thing is someone finally did.

This Wristband ($10) lets you wear your iPod Shuffle (2nd generation) player like a watch on your wrist. The light weight case will also protect your player from dust and scratches.

Available colors: blue, black, green, pink purple & frost white.

iPod Shuffle Watch Style

(Via technabob)

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12 Responses to “iPod Shuffle Watch Style”

  1. Pretty smart and even stylish. Seems like a great gadget for morning walks..

  2. is this available in the philippines?

  3. Please follow the link in the news above for shopping info. I don’t know if they ship to the Philippines.

  4. i want one of those watch’s for my ipod shuffle so i dont lose it:)

  5. it is available here in the philippines.. i saw this on a store shelf last night before i went home.. its cool

  6. Mike, I think you should be able to order the iPod Wristband via the link above and have it shipped to the Philippines.

  7. I Have One Of That

  8. you can get it on ebay! 3 for $4!!!!!!! the website is


    i have them and they are so amazing!!!!!!! sadly, they only ship to the U.S! enjoy!!!!!!

  9. Will it also work with the older iPod nano?

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