iPod Shuffle Holder

IPod Shuffle Holder

Do you have a habit of misplacing your tiny iPod Shuffle every now and then? Maybe this simple but clever little accessory can come in handy.

It’s black laser cut acrylic that allows you to attach your Shuffle on the side and to stick the headphones into the two holes. That’s it. Done. No other features. Its sole purpose is to hold your shuffle so all the above points don’t happen to you.

It sits about half an inch (1,5 cm) away from the wall and comes with removable adhesive strips that allow you to position and reposition it over and over.

The iPod Shuffle Holder measures 5.5 x 2.3 inches (14 x 6 cm) and is available from the Charles & Marie website for $30.

(Via Uber-Review)

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3 Responses to “iPod Shuffle Holder”

  1. Cool gimmick! Where can i order it?

  2. Simply follow the link in the news above.

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