iMusic Speaker Hat

iMusic Speaker Hat

If you can’t live without your music, then you’d probably want to consider getting one of these iMusic Speaker Hats. Winter is going to be coming in a few months, and no one wants to have frozen ears just because they’re listening to the latest beats.

The iMusic Speaker Hat is lush, comfortable, and functional. It’s available in basic black and just looks like any other hat, except that it’s got speaker that can connect to any MP3 player you have via the headphone jack.

iMusic Speaker Hat

iMusic Speaker Hat

For fans of music on the move, this innovative gadget is a beanie hat with built-in speakers for iPod and MP3 players. Ideal for buses, trains, planes or simple walks outdoors, the iMusic Hat is the perfect accompaniment when on the move or standing in the cold waiting for a bus.

Avoid losing up to a third of your body heat through your head whilst enjoying your favorite music at the same time. The iMusic Hat is powered through your music player, so batteries are not required and connects to any music source with a standard headphone socket (3.5mm jack.)

The iMusic Speaker Hat is available online from Red5 for £9.95 ($16.)

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  1. Teachers beware! If students are allowed to wear these in class, they could have exam answers being replayed inside their hats, unbeknownst to the teacher. Just one more device to make it even harder for a teacher to educate young skulls full of mush.

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