Grow Your Own Gnome Garden Kit

Grow Your Own Gnome Garden Kit

If you’re a fan of all things that are related to gnomes, then you’ll love the Grow Your Own Gnome Garden Kit. Given that gnomes don’t really exist, except as ceramic decorations for your garden. But it’d be pretty neat if you gave that little guy a garden of his own, right?

With the Grow Your Own Gnome Garden Kit, you can grow bluebells, honeysuckles, and primrose in tiny husk start pots that are included in the kit. It’s the perfect set to get if you want to get your kids started in the wonderful world of gardening.

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Grow Your Own Gnome Garden Kit

Gnome lovers and enthusiasts are everywhere… because they’re awesome!  Pick up our Gnome Garden Plant Kit and watch as flowers sprout!  Gnomes love these flowers, so it won’t be too long before you start seeing them hanging around the house.  Kids love the Gnome Garden Kit because they learn all about nature and caring for the gnome-friendly flowers.  The kit comes with everything you’ll need except the gnomes!

  • 1 packet of bluebell seeds
  • 1 packet of honeysuckle seeds
  • 1 packet of primrose seeds
  • 3 coconut husk starter pots
  • 3 coconut husk compost discs which expand when watered
  • 3 wooden plant markers
  • Sow & Grow booklet with growing tips and puzzles

The Grow Your Own Gnome Garden Kit is available from Perpetual Kid for $12.99.

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