Giant Metal Steampunk Dragon

Giant Metal Steampunk Dragon

Every now and then, I stumble across something filled with so much geeky awesomeness that I almost don’t know what to do with myself, and the Giant Metal Steampunk Dragon is one of those things.

While other people just toss out old auto parts and recycled metal, the artist known as Kreatworks takes those useless bits of junk and transforms them into incredible, jaw-dropping works of art that any true geek would love to have in their home… if their significant other allowed them to, that is.

Is there a practical use for a giant dragon made of metal? None that I can think of, unless you just want to have one heckuva conversation starter when the gang comes over to watch Game of Thrones. Still, I wouldn’t turn one of these beasts away if it showed up at my door.

Giant Metal Steampunk Dragon

Giant Metal Steampunk Dragon

  • Dimensions are approx 330 x 280 x 310 cm ( height x length x width)
  • Weight is approx 400 kg
  • It made from recycled metal, useless auto parts&machine.
  • Coating metal sculpture by lacquer, protect “Rust”.

Of course you wouldn’t expect something this amazing to be cheap, especially when you consider that it’s made-to-order, so prepare to dig deep into that wallet when you satisfy your craving for a dragon of your very own.

You can get a Giant Metal Steampunk Dragon for $11,500 at

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