Steampunk art and gadgets have never failed to impress me over the years. I think the concept is ingenious, exceedingly creative, and extremely good to look at. If you want to raise your own steampunking tots, then the Gearation is your best bet because it introduces them to the wonderful world of gears and whatnot in this fun and interactive set.

Gearation comes with a magnetic easel to hold all the gears. Connect them, put them all together with your child, and just flick the switch to see everything come alive in motion. Perfect for getting a jump-start at developing some mechanical skills in your child early on in a fun and interactive manner.



Gearation is an activity set for preschool geeklings that lets them assemble clicking, whirring, and spinning machines all by themselves. Arrange the eleven colorful plastic gears on the magnetic easel around the center gear. Turn the switch to adjust the speed and watch your creation turn, click, and whirr. And since all the parts are cleverly connected by magnets, you don’t have to worry about the motor burning out. It’s steampunk, but with magnets. And colors. So… magneticolorpunk?

  • Activity set that lets wee geeks play with gears
  • Arrange the gears in any order around the center gear
  • Control the speed with a big, easy-to-grab switch
  • 11 different color plastic gears, 1-3in in diameter
  • 14x16in magnetic easel

Gearation is available from ThinkGeek for $34.99.

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