Gangnam Style Costume T-Shirt

Gangnam Style T-Shirt

We’ve shown you a Deluxe Tuxedo T-Shirt with Gold Tie and even a full-body Red Tuxedo Morphsuit, but the Gangnam Style Costume T-Shirt is taking t-shirt tuxes to a whole nother level of swag.

Wearing this shirt, you’ll feel as comfortable in your own skin as Psy looks when he’s performing his viral hit song “Gangnam Style.” Look like a South Korean rap artist minus the hassle of wearing a bow tie, cummerbund, cufflinks, and hot layers of clothing. Black and white wing-tips are entirely optional.

Gangnam Style Tux T-Shirt

Gangnam Style T-Shirt
Gangnam Style T-Shirt – Gangnam Style After Party Tuxedo T-Shirt. The new hit song by singer/rapper Psy “Gangnam Style” is spreading like wild fire! Ride the horse with this brand new Gangnam Style Tuxedo T-Shirt! This shirt is perfect for any occasion. Be the life of the party with your brand new Gangnam Style Tuxedo T-Shirt. Perfect for parties, night clubs, ragers, festivals, weddings, or any other event.

Become a sexy lady magnet, attract dancing Asian cowboys in elevators, or have a parking garage dance-off with androgynous people in leisure suits. Anything goes when you throw on the Gangnam Style T-Shirt at for only $12.99. Sizes range from S to XXXX-L.

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  1. Heeeeey sexy lady!!! Love this song….Gotta have this shirt! Finger’s crossed! 🙂

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