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Orca PowerStrap

The futuristic looking Orca PowerStrap is a wristband capable of charging your gadgets – “from iPod to mobile phone to PSP via Blackberry and Nintendo DS. Basically, no matter what your gadget of choice is, you can keep it topped up at all times with a PowerStrap”.

You can charge up the PowerStrap itself via a USB port, should you have one free, or alternatively you can attach a USB mains adapter or even plug it into to the power socket in your car. Once it’s charged up, you’ll be ready to power almost any gadget you might have on you – it’s the perfect thing to have on your wrist when your batteries run dry.

Orca PowerStrap


  • Charge up all your devices with one wrist strap.
  • Cool and chunky futuristic design.
  • LED power indicator lights.
  • Adjustable strap (one size fits all).
  • Charge the strap up via USB, USB mains adapter or in-car 12V (cable included, mains adapter not included).
  • Suitable for charging the following devices: iPod/iPhone, Nintendo DS/DS Lite/DSi, Sony PSP, Nokia (mini), Samsung mobile phone, Female USB devices, Sony Ericsson mobile phone, Nokia mobile phone, Blackberry, LG mobile phone, Male USB (for charging the strap itself).

The Orca PowerStrap gadget charging wristband is yours for £39.99 (about $64 USD) over at the I Want One of Those website.

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