G-Form Extreme Edge & Extreme Portfolio Cases

G-Form Extreme Edge & Extreme Portfolio Cases

Everybody loves using electronic devices. For the most part, they help make our daily routines run smoother and provide us with instant information that we may not otherwise be able to get our hands on. Sadly, most electronic devices are fragile and expensive; so we are limited to where and what we can do with them, until now. G-Form, known for its revolutionary impact absorbing RPT (Reactive Protection Technology) and for having the most rugged electronics protection on the planet, just announced a new line of cases, sleeves, and protective gear.

The G-Form Extreme Edge & Extreme Portfolio Cases are designed to fit laptops, iPad / iPad 2, Kindle Fire, and other tablets and offer unbelievable protection. To prove their ability to protect, G-Form ran them through a series of tests including a being dropped out of a plane at 1300 feet and being tossed from a speeding Porsche at 113 mph. I know some of you have tough daily routines, but how many of you are really going to top that?

G-Form RPT Cases for Tablets, iPad, & Laptops

The Extreme Portfolio and Extreme Edge are composed almost entirely of G-Form’s RPT material – a revolutionary composite, blending PORON XRD material with other proprietary G-Form materials and technology– the products are covered by well over a dozen G-Form patent filings. The RPT absorbs over 90% of the energy of an impact and at the same time momentarily stiffens to act like armor to offer the highest level of protection for your electronics.

G-Form’s electronic protective cases are manufactured and designed in the USA. To learn more about the company and their amazing line of protective cases and gear, go to G-Form.com, where you can purchase the Extreme line of cases & sleeves starting at $29.95 in both yellow and black.

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