Cocoon CPG35 Tablet Organizer Case

Cocoon CPG35 Tablet Organizer Case

After breaking down and deciding to buy yourself a tablet, you want to make sure to protect it. Because if the screen cracks, you can bet your non-existent bottom dollar that the store won’t give you a new one for free. That said, it’s fun to choose a case that reflects your personality. If you’re a staunch […]

Kobo Vox vs Kindle Fire

Kobo Vox eReader vs. Kindle Fire

Let the tablet wars begin. Two new e-tablets are set to arrive and shake up the techy bookworm market, namely the Kobo Vox eReader and the Kindle Fire. The two Android-based touchscreen tablets have the same price point, are like fraternal twins in terms of specs, and their respective launch dates will fall within […]