Flower Grenade

Flower Grenade

These Flower Grenades were originally designed for adding some flowers to urban areas that needed some beautification, but we think you can have a lot of fun with them no matter where you live.  Enjoy tossing these out the window or in the corner of your yard and watch the flowers grow.  Each clay grenade is filled with soil, poppy, rye grass and buttercup seeds and the clay shell is totally biodegradable.  Watch as the flowers grow beautifying the landscape; and you can appreciate this knowing you didn’t have to spend hours planting.

Biodegradable Clay Flower Grenades

Flower Grenades

  • Box contains 3x air dried clay hand grenades
  • Each Flower Grenade contains soil, poppy, rye grass and buttercup seeds
  • Biodegradable Clay Flower Grenades
  • Great way to get the kids into planting

You can purchase the fun Flower Grenades at Firebox for £12.99 with free delivery and at Amazon.com from $15.99.  Checkout these other cool garden ideas: Solar Plant Pot and Leaf Bench and Table Set.

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  1. Great idea! Love the seed bomb thing. Just make sure that whatever species are in the grenade are native to your area, as invasive species can be extremely ecologically damaging.

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