Facebook Like Dislike Cufflinks

Facebook Like Dislike Cufflinks

The Like/Dislike Stampers allowed you to show how you felt about paper documents. Now you can show your approval or disapproval by lifting the appropriate arm to show your sleeve with these Facebook Like Dislike Cufflinks.

These cuff links not only show your geek style, they are also are functional in that they can silently broadcast your opinion. They aren’t the most functional cufflinks available however, as that award would have to go to the Bottle Opener Cuff Links or USB Flash Drive Cufflinks.

Facebook Like Cuff Links

Grant yourself the ability to set your mood via your cuff. Featuring the “like” button on one cufflink and the sometimes very necessary “dislike” button on the opposite cufflink, Like Dislike Social Network Cufflinks are the perfect novelty pair for a social media addict such as yourself!

Facebook Like Cufflinks

Like Dislike Social Network Cufflinks

  • Rhodium plated base metal and enamel
  • Bullet back closure
  • Measures approximately 3/4″ x 1/2″

Like Dislike Social Network Cufflinks are now available for $50 a pair at CuffLinks.com.

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