Eat Fit Cutlery Set

Eat Fit Cutlery Set

The Eat Fit Cutlery Set is sort of like the Baby Buff Rattle in the sense that it incorporates a hint of fitness into a seemingly everyday and random object. In the case of the Baby Buff, a rattle was made to look like a dumbbell (and your child, a bodybuilder.) But the Eat Fit Cutlery Set is more than just for appearances’ sake. In fact, it can really give you quite a good workout while you eat your meal.

The Eat Fit Cutlery Set features a 1kg Knife, a 1kg fork, and a 2kg spoon. The set normally comes sans the spoon, but you can include it in your purchase if you really want to get a decent mealtime exercise session.

Eat Fit Cutlery SetWeight Set Cutlery Set

Heavy in concept and reality, this cutlery/dumbbell mash up is designed for fitness fans with a sense of humor as it can (sort of…actually, probably not) help you to eat yourself skinny. It’s the perfect pressie for gluttons in need of a work out.

Destined to revolutionize the diet industry (maybe) each high quality chrome utensil is hand made. Choose from the 1kg per piece Knife and Fork Set or work up a real sweat with the Full Set, which includes an almighty 2kg spoon (‘cos eating dessert is naughty and you must be punished).

The Eat Fit Cutlery Set is available from Firebox at £69.99 ($108) for the knife and fork, and £89.99 ($139) for the full set.

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  1. Where can I get a set of the “Eat Fit” cutlery?

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